Lets Improve Bahamian Living and the Bahamian Mindset

Lets Improve Bahamian Living and the Bahamian Mindset

Growing up in the Bahamas  as a young adult is a hard thing to do. Mainly for young alpha male and especially because this is the mindset for the majority of young men in the Bahamas. There’s a certain kind of unspoken expectation that everyone has of Bahamian men. It puts us uniquely in a situation that actually allows us to excel faster than the average man. However, the problem that ultimately consumes most of us is lack of the right dream.

The Bahamas is the closest Caribbean country to the US which awards us many benefits but unfortunately we also end up inheriting twice as many of the cons that they boast. The main one being the ability to acquire wealth in your local nation. Americans have many opportunities and even more markets for doing business and earning money. This is not the same for Bahamians. The country has less than half a million people although millions of tourists and tourist dollars pass through the country yearly.

For me, this was my dream. Not even one I knowingly worked hard for. Getting to the US and getting an opportunity to be rich was the goal. However possible and whether legal or illegal. The thrill of going to “the States” as a young boy and it feeling like a Disney vacation every time. The trips were always short and sweet. A successful Bahamian parent is one that takes their kids to Florida regularly and shops overseas and always has an abundance because they shop in foreign and get the better bargains.

This is the premise that I grew up on. And after living in the US for 20 years, I can say that having the ability to provide for your family is definitely the dream, or at least It’s “one of” the dreams. 

…there is something positively unique about Bahamian living and the Bahamian mindset.Donnie Thompson, Company CEO

So when I looked at the actual paper that I was funding my family with I realized something. I was using American presidents to pay for everything. All the money I was making was from the US. And one day I looked at a large sum of money that I had and realized that I would actually rather be carrying around Bahamian money. All the hundreds that I had that were green, I imagined them as Bahamian Blue Marlin hundred dollar bills. Then it all started clicking. For me it’s not “All about the Benjis”… It’s “All about the Blue Marlins”.

And the Blue Marlin Lifestyle was born. And it’s not simply about money. The idea that I was making so much money but not helping or putting it back into the community that I care about the most was unacceptable any longer to me. The birth of BML was the ignition towards my ultimate retirement from Corporate America to focus on the Bahamas and more specifically, helping Bahamians to see a different way of thinking and living.

I believe that there is something positively unique about Bahamian living and the Bahamian mindset and I encourage all of them to start working more towards building something that we can pass down to future generations, instead of the laser focus we have on many things we don’t need in our lives.

I want to share the Blue Marlin Lifestyle with all Bahamians and encourage you to move toward the path where you LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY.

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